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Policies and Procedures for Check In

As we enter our 6th year, we have created a vibrant space with our remodel,
but our mission remains the same.

To create a cohesive community through gymnastics by providing a nurturing learning space for children to have fun, become confident, and grow gymnastically.

Please take note of our policies and procedures:

  • All gymnasts may be dropped off in the front of the building at Suite Door #31. At this time we have paused the parent/ guardian filling out a health questionnaire for each child participating in class each time they come to our facility. All students should not be dropped off or arrive any more than 15 minutes before class.  Once the class has been completed, no child is to wait outside-please pick up your child inside of the door or wait outside the door so staff knows you will be picking your child up. *Note-Temperature checks are also on hold.
  • Masks may be worn by staff, gymnasts, and visitors upon entering. Masks can be removed by the gymnast when they are doing physical activity at each event rotation.  At this time masks are not mandated and are a family and personal choice and are supported by all of us at Maximum Gymnastix.
  • (We ask in order to maintain low numbers in our facility to please adhere to our policy of one adult/guardian per student in the waiting area)-THIS POLICY IS ON HOLD. Please be respectful of everyone’s space in our viewing areas. Small children/siblings should not be brought while waiting unless participating in classes-we no longer have a play area. If you wait in our parking area, we will escort your child to the sidewalk out front for pick up. You may also wait outside in the front-Slice of Spice has allowed us to use the table and chairs for our patrons as well while they are waiting.
  • All gymnasts are encouraged to bring their own water bottles into the facility. There is also a water bottle filler attached to our water fountain.
  • Hand sanitizing stations available at each event & throughout the gym
  • Cleaning before, during, and after classes throughout our entire facility.

Please have gymnasts dressed and ready for class when you drop off so they can enter, wash their hands, drop off their items in a cubbie, and stand in designated areas to be called for class.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We thank you for becoming a member of our gymnastics family and we look forward to another great year of gymnastics!