Programs and Pricing

Seed Starters (Parent/Pup)

45 minutes

Walking up to 3 years old

2022-2023 monthly tuition – $60 per month

Parent/Guardian and child participate in a 45 minute interactive class with our instructor(s). Obstacle courses are set up that develop cognitive and motor skills that young children need to aid in muscle development. This class is a beginning step to classroom structure and listening skills, along with group play. Don’t stress! This class is meant to bring physical activity to your young one, bond with your child, and for parents to have some time to socialize with other adults!

Sprouts (Preschool)

45 minutes

3-5 years old

2022-2023 monthly tuition – $60 per month

This 45 minute class is for the child that is ready to show some independence. Children will learn how to work more independently on our designated obstacle course and event stations, work alongside others in their group, and continue to grow through cognitive and motor skill learning. Basic gymnastic skills are introduced and lead up exercises are introduced to gain confidence in the ability to work on starter skills. Of course, fun and excitement, joy and laughter are a must when being a part of this fun group!

Seedling (Kindergarten)

60 minutes | 4-6 years old

2022-2023 monthly tuition – $67 per month

Using the foundation of the Preschool class, this 1 hour class is for the child that enjoys learning gymnastics in a fun and interactive play atmosphere! Obstacle courses and event stations will be geared toward preparing for our beginner classes. Children will be given tasks and examples to aid in their progressions in each event.

Sapling (Beginner)

60 minutes | Girls & Boys | 6+ years old

2022-2023 monthly tuition – $67 per month

Let’s get ready to do skills!

In our 1 hour beginner class, students work on fundamental skills and build strength on each event. Athletes will work to build their library of elements and continue to gain coordination, to perfect and work on mastery of the basic building blocks of gymnastics. Our instructors work with our students with self confidence and building self-esteem but our main goal is that kids learn through the joy of gymnastics!

Branch A, B, & C

90 minutes / 120 minutes

6+ years old

2022-2023 monthly tuition – $86 / $105 per month


Branch A (Intermediate A Gymnastics Classes)
(Instructor advancement required)

Working off our Star System through iClassPro that can be viewed through your customer portal, students have exemplified that they have a strong desire to learn more gymnastics skills on all events. This hour and a half class, takes the basic building blocks and works on perfection and takes them up a notch! Strength and endurance training is weaved through the entire class, which aids in the overall accomplishment of gymnast’s goals.

Branch B & C (Int. B & Pre-team)  Gymnastics Classes
(Instructor advancement required)

Taking the Intermediate A concept and taking it up a notch. This 2 hour class, has longer rotation times, working harder on mastery of beginner and intermediate skills. Athletes in this category have worked hard through the Intermediate A Star System and enjoy working on other skills but have no desire to go to the competitive team, while others need this extra step before being considered for our competitive team. This group also spends time on strength and endurance training throughout the class..

S*P*A*R*K Competitive Team

Practice times vary

Price varies according to practice times

Per Invitation only

Mighty Minis / Fireflies

Practice times vary / Price varies according to practice times

Per Invitation only